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CRG Started 10 years ago as just a creative thought, which turned into an amazing adventure. Photography is a way of seeing something in a prospective no one else can and turning it into a photo everyone can enjoy. CRG is moving forward and adding design into the mix, with a background in design, its time for 2.0 of the journey. Always giving the highest of quality and creativity in every project, we are here to help with your photography and design needs, no matter if your needs are personal or business related we can help! We are based out of Albuquerque, NM. Owner Chris Gallegos has 10 years of experience with photography and design. He started CRG Photography back in 2008 which has grown into CRG Photo and Design. He also owns a Lifestyle Clothing Brand Called Illrush Clothing. He has always done design for both businesses, as well as designing for local businesses on the side the last 10 years. He also has design and printing experience working in a local print shop.

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